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What in your body helps you interpret the world?

What do you use to see with? If you said your eyes… you're wrong. How about hearing? If you said ears… wrong again! You don't see or hear with your eyes or ears. Those are just end organs for collecting light and sound waves. To actually see and hear you have to interpret those waves with your nerves and brain (Nervous System) first.

In reality, you live in your nervous system. Everything you experience in life is processed

through it; what you see, what you hear, and what you feel.

That's why Chiropractors care so much about it keeping it healthy. If your nervous system is stressed, there goes your ability to interpret your world, and there goes your ability to successfully navigate life. Regular adjustments keep your Nerve System clear so you can respond to life's challenges in a positive way. If you're feeling a little foggy, or just disconnected from the world, maybe it's time

for some nervous system house cleaning.

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