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Staying Hydrated During the Fall Season

With fall comes the start of many outdoor sports - football, softball, marathons, and more. If you're participating in any outdoor sports this fall, please remember to warm-up first. 

Doing some light aerobic movements for about 10 minutes prior to getting on the field helps you perform better and possibly prevent injuries. Also, it's a good idea to include some stretching that mimics the activity you're about to perform. 

Warm muscles have increased blood flow, which means increased oxygen. This makes your muscles stronger and better able to handle the extra stress you're about to ask of them. Aerobic activity also wakes up your nerves so they react faster. All great reasons to spend the extra time preparing your body.

Pulled muscles can occur when your body is cold and under-hydrated. Both of which are common in our cooler fall weather. As the temperature drops, we tend to drink less water because we're not as hot and sweaty. But our bodies still need the fluids - especially if you're asking yours to perform beyond its normal state.

Remember, if you do ask too much of your muscles this fall, we're here to help. Our office is staffed by a full-time massage therapist to help you work out your over-worked muscles.

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