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Natural Headache Relief

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

If you take an aspirin, but keep hitting your head with a hammer, the pain will always come back. Eliminating the cause of your headaches, not just masking the pain, is the goal at this office.

Consider the cost of traditional medical treatment, time lost from work, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, alternative therapies (i.e., biofeedback, hypnosis), pain management and countless other remedies people seek to rid themselves of headache pain. The financial impact is in the billions EVERY year.


  • Tension-type headaches, usually brought on by emotional factors such as depression, grief, job and family stress, and anxiety.

  • Migraines, usually accompanied by sensitivity to light and nausea/vomiting. These may result from diet (caffeine, chocolate, processed foods), hormonal changes, changes in altitude (flying), tiredness or stress.

  • Cluster headaches, usually occurring on one side of the head, are often triggered by alcohol, heavy smoking or histamines produced by the body.

  • Hormonal headaches may occur along with other PMS symptoms or during and after a woman’s monthly period. This type of headache may also occur more frequently in birth control pill users and during pregnancy and menopause.

Many people run to the store to purchase any type of pain-reliever that promises a “quick fix” for the relief of the symptoms of their pain. These types of drugs produce a “rebound effect” which actually contributes to still MORE headaches, with MORE pain medication needed, and so it goes…

Alternatives to drug-therapy include aerobic exercise, to relieve stress and tension, and then… you guessed it... chiropractic adjustments.

If you know someone who NUMBS their body with drugs, urge them to consult our practice so we can determine the underlying cause of their headaches. Headaches may be common, but they’re NOT normal. Reduce and/or eliminate the frequency and duration of your headaches, without the undesired side effects of medications.

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