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Is Your Cholesterol High Enough to Prevent heart disease and stroke?

An excerpt from The Douglas Report, by William Douglas, MD

Before you say I'm crazy, let's do a little sanity check... First, just sit back and ask yourself...Exactly how many people do you know with total cholesterol that's naturally under 200? (That's without popping the designer drug of the day.) Can you name three or four? Can you name even one?

Can we all be so deathly ill? Every single one of us?

Of course not! In fact, as you've just reminded yourself, practically all healthy Americans have cholesterol that's naturally between 200 and 300. Which is why I'm fond of saying...

High cholesterol is not a disease, but it's a fantastic business!

I don't intend to bore you by reciting the annual sales figures for cholesterol drugs, or detailing their liver-poisoning side effects. If you knew them you'd be horrified.

But I do want to reassure you that your so-called 'high cholesterol'... actually one of the greatest health blessings nature has to bestow! Want proof? Glad you asked. Let's review the last 30 years of clinical studies, instead of all those artfully worded drug company press releases. Some truly breathtaking facts pop up:

FACT 1: Cholesterol protects your arteries. Next time you're surfing the Internet, search the word 'homocysteine.' Over 30 years of studies prove this substance is the real killer, literally eating away at your artery walls. Your body responds by slapping on cholesterol to patch the holes. If it didn't, blood vessels in your brain might burst, and you'd die of a massive stroke! (It's better, of course, to avoid the holes and the patches.)

FACT 2: Cutting cholesterol actually makes arteries harder. In only one cholesterol-cutting study did they actually perform post-mortems to measure what this 'cure' really does to your arteries. Guess what they found? Artery clogging was far worse in the folks being treated. (Drug companies never repeated this study. Guess why.)

FACT 3: Low cholesterol has been linked to depression and foggy memory... and cholesterol-cutting may even trigger massive amnesia! Drug firms wish us to forget this, and we will, if we take enough statin drugs.

FACT 4: Low cholesterol also boosts your chances of dying from infectious disease. Did you know that AIDS victims tend to have low cholesterol? It's not because they're healthy!

Hard to believe? But it all makes beautiful sense, because Cholesterol is not toxic sludge, but the mother of all nutrients! Yes! Your body needs lots of cholesterol to create hormones and lots more stuff that will keep you spry as a goat, well into your 90s. Of course, as we age, our bodies need extra maintenance, which may require even more cholesterol. But not to worry, our livers automatically create more to make up the deficit! High cholesterol is a symptom your body is doing its job.

Now, aren't you thrilled that your cholesterol is over 200?

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