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Chiropractic Care and Blood Pressure

There have been several studies over the years (two recently, including one at the University of Chicago Medical School) that talk about the chiropractic adjustment’s ability to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients. You might think that as a chiropractor these kinds of studies make me very happy. While I am happy that chiropractic is getting some positive press, I am actually quite disturbed by these kinds of studies that show chiropractic to be a treatment (alternativeor otherwise) for any kind of dis-ease. The problem I have with these studies is that there is an underlying assumption that the particular symptom being focused upon (i.e., high blood pressure) is something gone WRONG in that person. You may be thinking, “But high blood pressure IS something gone wrong!” This is where we need to talk about the words NORMAL and AVERAGE.

Is it possible that the reason someone has a blood pressure outside the AVERAGE is that the Innate Intelligence of the body is trying to accomplish something by raising or lowering it? What if, as a person gets older and is less active, his leg muscles lose some of their strength and ability to contract normally, making it harder for his heart to pump blood against gravity and fully oxygenate his brain? Might the Innate Intelligence of his body RAISE his blood pressure above AVERAGE to ensure NORMAL oxygenation of his brain? Might taking medicines to artificially LOWER his blood pressure actually decrease the amount of oxygen to his brain and cause mental problems such as Alzheimer’s disease or something similar? On a related note, might his Innate Intelligence lay down a greater than AVERAGE amount of cholesterol in his arteries in order to more easily and efficiently raise his blood pressure in response to his increased need for oxygen? Decreased blood flow to any specific area of your body may cause an overall increase in your blood pressure in the same way.

The truth is that there are really only three reasons why you might have a blood pressure that is outside of the AVERAGE range.

1. Your focus and/or lifestyle choices keep your body and mind in a survival state that REQUIRES a higher than AVERAGE blood pressure to survive the day. This is a CORRECT response.

2. Your Innate Intelligence is CORRECTLY attempting to compensate for a specific problem somewhere in your body and may need to raise or lower it (this may also be due to a lifestyle choice).

3. Your Innate Intelligence is unable to fully comprehend and/or respond to what your body needs due to a decreased brain-body connection (i.e., subluxation) and has therefore INCORRECTLY altered your blood pressure.

In the cases where people’s blood pressures decrease after their adjustments, they obviously just needed a clearer neurological connection so that their Innate Intelligence could more accurately regulate their blood pressure. The adjustments gave them that clearer connection. An interesting finding in many of these studies was that several subjects actually had an increase in their blood pressure occur after chiropractic care. This baffled the researchers, but if we understand again that a CLEAR NEUROLOGICAL CONNECTION is required in order for Innate Intelligence to correctly raise your blood pressure if necessary (see #1 and #2 above), then it is very easy to see that once these people were reconnected by an adjustment, the CORRECT response in their blood pressure occurred automatically!

Basically what it all comes down to is this. You have an amazing Inborn Wisdom that knows exactly what YOUR blood pressure needs to be in every moment. This is your NORMAL blood pressure whether it is the AVERAGE for the population or not. But in order for you to maintain YOUR normal blood pressure, you MUST have a healthy lifestyle, a positive mental focus and above all, a CLEAR NEUROLOGICAL CONNECTION!

Seeing your chiropractor regularly allows you to KNOW you are neurologically clear and TRUST that your Innate Intelligence is always doing the right thing in order to keep YOU functioning, adapting, healing and growing perfectly. Then you can relax and celebrate all that you are and all that you can yet be!

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