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pain & wellness Services 

Our pain and wellness treatments have helped thousands of patients get back to life before pain and discomfort, so give us try! 

From pain management, to massage therapy to injection therapy care solutions, our team team is committed to providing patients with the most effective physical care solutions. For a list of our personalized, pain management therapy services, please browse our menu of options below. 


Pain Management

Interventional (drug-free) management

Diagnostic Imagining - Pain Identification

Surgical Alternatives.


HYALGAN® Injection

A natural injection solution targeted at relieving pain in the knees caused by osteoarthritis. 


Minimally invasive injection that enables regeneration of damaged cartilage or bone cells.


Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage - Pregnancy Massage

Trigger Point Massage - Deep Tissue 

Sports Massage.


Recreating and stimulating the body's healing process, post-treatment care.


An effective solution to helping reduce inflammation and pain caused by acute and chronic conditions.


Chiropractic Care

Back & neck pain, headaches, migraines, osteoarthritis, sciatica Pain, carpal tunnel and general aches and pains. 


Migraine Relief

Multidisciplinary approach - Non-invasive 

Natural remedies - Individualized plan.


Cortisone Injection

A targeted corticosteroid solution that helps lessen inflammation which causes pain and discomfort.

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